Bond Woman rather than Bond Girl

The 50 years old actor argued director Sam Mendes he was the hero surrounded by women, in casting a star the same age as current film star Daniel Craig. The actress Monica thought she was invited to take the place of Judi Dench as M in Spectre. In fact, she was asked to play the oldest Bond Girl. In the beginning, she also doubted why director casted her into the James Bond for her too old age, which has nothing to do with young Bond Girl.

The director Mendes laughed and answered her questions, “James Bond will interact with a mature women this time.” Then she told Mendes Bond would become a hero among women, attracting a mature woman of his own age. Although four years’ older than Daniel Craig, he always has something to do with Bond Girl 11 years younger. The following pitcure with a black beret is elegant and cool, leaving an deep impression as a “Bond Woman”.

When it comes to Daniel Craig, it seems that he is the soul of the film, a true Hollywood heavyweight. In 007, the franchise transformed to a sleek supercar, depicting Craig’s sensitive and sometimes scary image. It’s no wonder that its producers were so set when positioning James Bond. Deluxe film-making is a crucial factor for excellence while its success could not split with Daniel Craig’s efforts, casting a competent-but-discreet national-esteem enhancer.

From the beginning in early-60s, it owns a solid box-office though common presence in tastemaker. Such conditions changed dramatically since Skyfall – also known as Bond 23 – won the biggest box office in the UK. James Bond’s vehicle changed from British Roll Royce to Ferrari or Lamborghini.

It’s simple to inform Bond his mission for evolution of watches. The great success have to keep important role on board, and striking factor to create another leading actor. Craig seems do not like do the same in film after dropping out of director Sam Mendes, for the fear of tiredness of spectators. Daniel Craig’s public reluctance on continuing the role is only a bargaining chip, but it conveys more intentions to public. The traditional cooperative pattern consists of workmanlike directors and unthreatening actors for little challenge to producers.

Much as there are also some interesting roles, no one is bigger than Bond. In the heavyweight presence in Casino Royale, Eon showed some alluring factors in the film like square jaw, piercing eyes and moulded pectorals. In addition, he also could play Ted Hughes to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sylvia Plath, and Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love.

Casino Royale in 2006 create new style in casting Bond, showing more basic and darker edge of Bond. For instance, one scene where Darwin Shaw was battered by Bond in a restroom may be the nastiest picture on the celluloid. But other guys in the film were clear when they just worn the suit.

It’s not rare that Craig was reluctant to play similar role for constraints in casting new popular character for typecasting. In addition, loads of commercial campaigns, fashion shoots and related publicities are also burdensome for the actor sticking around the film.

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