Maternity Wardrobe of Meghan

In the recent days, it reported that Meghan is expecting for over three months. Upon its publication, the Duchess of Sussex’s maternity style in the spotlight. The most obvious character of Meghan’s maternity style is modern clothes. As a modern female in the 21st century, Meghan haul the royal family into the new century with feminism and energetic cross-body bags. At the present time, Meghan is facing a special challenge of the new century – incorporating a baby bump into the sleek and streamlined image of the independent-minded woman.

The independent and modern female’s maternity wardrobe will be remarked and debated as much as her white elegant wedding dress. Shortly after becoming a new member of royal family, all spotlights on her are at full beam, brighter than those after one or two years. In the last decade, royal babies born intermittently. It’s said that Kate was wretchedly sick when she was pregnant. But it was totally different from Duchess of Cambridge.

On Monday morning, public excitements were flared by the baby announcement. Though many media publish and report the news about Meghan’s pregnancy, but people are creepier than expected, because they would like to know about interesting news. From the stage, a woman will morph into a mother. Looks of modern maternity wear witnessed a sea change. Traditional pregnant women could wear smocks in spriggy florals and sailor-suit trims, which looks like offcuts left after the decorated nursery. At the same time, the mothers-to-be could be relegated from decision-making, and then their public existences were to be at the edges of her babies.

Modern image of mothers are still normal people now. Birth of stretchy jeans, maternity business suits featuring stretchy side panels, casual and sports clothes, even maternity Spanx for a gala are extremely good news for expecting women.

There is many manners that modern and independent-minded women take to what they put on while pregnant. Some women could hold the identity only after little adapts of their wardrobes. Then stretchy jeans, high-waisted pants and the like clothes could become starred roles in the process of pregnancy. Certainly, some women feel it’s burdensome to maintain their previous grooming and glamour, so they choose to out of the fashion game temporarily.

Official news published on Twitter was in a stolid 19th-century wording of Kensington Palace while the real announcement came in the form of eye-catching photos, in which she carry two purple folders in front of her chest during her visiting in Sydney. It’s rare that royals hold something else except for flowers or clutch bags in such case. In the 21st century, Grace Kelly once exploiting her Hermès bag to hide the fact of her pregnancy. What a beautiful neat trick.

In the list of global famous women, Meghan found a unique way to ford over “bump watch”. In addition, many famous women like Demi Moore, Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner also have their own methods to handle it. Taking good advantages of tailoring, Meghan find some smart manners to conceal privacies.

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